Highlight Advantages Of Technology In Business

To mitigate the consequences, the organizations have implemented strategies that focus on working hard to reduce costs, strengthening internal control strategies, so a recurring practice is the review of the financial and operational processes, the executive said. Report.

According to the study, business strategies to date aimed at optimizing business processes, improving the supply chain, directing tax planning and reducing costs of distribution of shared servers.

“Technologies are part of the solution to increase competitiveness and can be reflected through the transparency of cost information, which involves taking the processes towards automation and aligning them with the business objective” assured Adalberto Navarro Olivares, Sr. Business Solutions Consultant.

Also, the excellent implementation of a technological system can be a reason for attracting new customers, as well as knowledge of the unique needs of users and the expansion of the portfolio of products in companies, Olivares acknowledged.

The most apparent advantages of this type of systems are shown in the brand that leaves the differentiator before the competition and the strengthening inattention to the clients which potentializes the business opportunities.

In matters of manufacturing, this sector has needs that are located in the reduction of costs due to the search for utility under the premise of better prices and lower costs, so the trend is the design of the product with manufacturing for the satisfaction of the clients, according to Infor.

Another critical aspect for the generation of better business is the management of global supply chains since today the competition focuses on this environment as well as the creation of forecasts of demand, which leads to better decision making and the improvement in the fulfillment of the orders to the service to the client, indicated the representative of Infor.

With this portfolio of products that are known as enterprise resource planning (ERP), the organization attaches various applications that make it possible to streamline business processes, have information in real time and connect to social networks, and so on.

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